Make small changes that give Big Results!

Chirashi BowlWe would love to live in a world where we all eat clean and exercise regularly, but let's face it....NOT!!

I opt for option 2, which is making a better choice than the norm. What does it mean? It means slow progressions that are more manageable; taking every step and making a better choice every single time. This method is what truly helped me keep off the pounds and helped me achieve more than I ever expected in the beginning.

For someone who has not worked out in a long time (however "long" means to you), start off cardio at 20 minutes. Then slowly, week by week, increase it 5 minutes at a time. It varies from person to person, but it allows your body to adapt to working out again. It may seem too short for some, but if you work in progressions your joints (knees and ankles) will thank you. You may have the mind of a warrior, but the knees of a 40 year old that have created enough damage to last a lifetime. 

At the moment, making better choices means brown rice instead of white rice. Having grown up eating white rice, the idea sounds crazy! FYI- brown rice contains twice as many vitamins and minerals, that your body needs, compared to white rice. It's also very rich in Selenium, which helps prevent certain forms of cancer and heart disease. For weight loss, it's higher in fiber, and it's composition takes longer to digest. It fuels your system longer, which also makes you feel full. Isn't taste a small sacrifice to get all of these benefits?!

Just thinking about it made me hungry...haha. What's for lunch?

A Chirashi bowl with 6oz. of Salmon and 2/3 cup of brown rice. YUM :)

by Lizen Yumang


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