Simply put...NO! Just like a car, your body needs gas to run efficiently, and our gas comes in the form of carbohydrates. Despite what many people think, carbs are not bad for you! On the contrary, they provide the energy needed to run, jump, exercise, play with your kids, think, work, and a multitude of other tasks that require fuel. Moreover, in order to lose body fat, you've got to eat carbs!!

There are two different categories of carbohydrates, fibrous and starchy. Eating a balance of both kinds of carbs throughout the day is important to maintaining a healthy, fat-burning diet.

Fibrous carbs are produce items such as broccoli, carrots, spinach, and asparagus. These carbs provide tons of fiber, promote healthy digestion, lower blood pressure, and make you feel fuller longer after eating a meal, which cuts down on over eating.

Starchy carbs are things like potatoes and rice. These break down quickly into simple sugars, which the body then converts to energy in the form of glucose. Your body either uses that glucose then and there, or stores it in muscle cells and the liver as glycogen. You tap into these energy reserves throughout the day to perform activities, maintain metabolic function, and run your brain.

Within the starchy carb category, there are a few divisions to be made. Some starchy carbs are more processed and refined than others and will break down more quickly in the body, providing fast fuel; others contain more fiber and will break down more slowly, providing a slower release of fuel. Both kinds of starchy carbs are still good for you and should be included into your meal plan.

If you are looking for a simple rule of thumb, aim to have starchy carbs first thing in the morning and before and after your workout. If you aren't active, limit your starchy carbs and only eat them early in the day. Veggies are perfect any time of the day. And last but not least, stay away from overly processed chemical diet foods or shall I say, Franken-foods!!


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