Kick Your Soda Habit!

When people ask me what I think is the "magic pill" for weight loss, they are usually surprised to hear my answer...WATER!! Not soda, not crazy coffee drinks, just good old fashioned water. It doesn't have to be boring. In fact, I promise if you give these 8 ideas a chance, you'll not only lose fat and feel great, you'll be addicted!

8 Refreshing Drinks to Accelerate Your Fat Loss and Kick Your Soda Habit

Water can get boring! Spice it up with these ideas: 


  1. Place slices of lemon, lime, and orange in a pitcher, fill it with water, and chill for a spa-style beverage
  2. Infuse your water with a few mint leaves
  3. Add a splash of juice to plain water or seltzer for a dash of flavor
  4. Add a packet of Emergen-C (
  5. Dissolve a packet of True Lemon (
  6. Mix up a batch of your favorite herbal iced tea, add a pinch of Stevia to sweeten it up if you'd like
  7. Try flavor-infused mineral waters, such as lemon or lime Perrier
  8. Make your favorite cocktail without the alcohol! Muddle a few berries, mint, and cucumber in a glass with a bit of Stevia. Add some fizzy water and crushed ice. Enjoy!!




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