10 Simple Ways To Cut Back On Sugar


When it comes to fat loss, sugar is the ultimate enemy! This is my no BS 10 simple ways to you can cut back on sugar and tame your sweet tooth! No excuses…cut the sugar to feel better and get results faster!

1. Buy whole grain or organic products that contain less refined ingredients.

2. Read labels carefully. Avoid products with sugar listed higher up on the ingredients list; the higher it is listed, the more sugar the product contains per serving.

3. Learn sugar’s secret ‘code’ names. Dextrose, sucrose, fructose, malt syrup, corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup are all names for sugar.

4. Try natural sugar alternatives such as stevia in recipes. This is a natural sweeter, and you can use less of it without the negative effects of sugar!

5. Sub a 12-ounce regular soda with calorie-free sparkling or fresh water and save 39 grams of sugar a day!

Sugar Enemy

6. Eat a protein and a healthy fat with each meal. This will prolong the satiety of the meal and help stave off sugar cravings.

7. Eat a whole fruit instead of drinking a fruit juice. The fiber in the fruit helps balance out the sugar it naturally contains.

8.  Aim to eat 20 grams or less in one sitting.

9.  Enjoys sweets in their natural form such as berries.

10. Find healthy replacements for your favorite sweet treats. Try a Your Body, Your Life super food bar next time you need a sweet pick me up!


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