Sweating for the Wedding Month Two: Marie Kane

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We first met 37-year-old Hermosa Beach resident Marie last month, as she began her journey to lose weight and get in shape for her wedding in November.

Like a lot of people, Marie succumbed to a busy lifestyle in her 20’s and 30’s, and only dabbled in fitness here and there, and experienced a lot of highs and lows with her weight.

In 2013, she met her fiancé Andy at a bar while watching hockey. They hit it off, and seven months later they were engaged.

It was her engagement to Andy that reignited Marie’s desire to get healthy and fit once and for all. She chose Bionic Body as her fitness class headquarters, and agreed to document her journey here on this blog each month. 

And it’s not just Marie who is making a change. She recruited Andy as well, and both have been training at Bionic Body. His favorite fitness class is Gunter’s Pure Strength. So how did her first month go? Find out Here."

by Tonya Stumphauzer


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