Soul Synergy

Venturing upstairs into our Soul studio, the light changes, the room opens up, and a sense of harmony fills the space. Classes held in this zen-like studio are lower impact than their high impact functional counterparts downstairs, but do not be deceived, they require the same mental acuity and will put your physical prowess to the test. Here you will find the balance, strength, flexibility, and alignment that will work synergistically with our functional training workouts to create the Bionic in you.


Of course you can take each of our Soul, Flow, Pilates, and Barre classes separately, and to get the greatest advantage we recommend that you do, but if you only have one hour and want to pack the punch, Soul Synergy is a great way to go. In this class you will experience full body toning and stretching as we highlight some of the best offerings from our Pilates, Flow, and Barre classes. We make increasing your flexibility while turning your buns to steel and making a washboard of your abs the priority but that is not all you will receive from one of these classes.  You can expect an increased range of motion, decreased stress, improved coordination, relief of low back pain, and decreased soreness… We could go on, but do we really need to? Come Synergize with us and experience it for yourself.

by Martha Howe


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