Tall, strong, confident, and graceful!

By AMY Abernethy
As a child, I remember seeing a ballet barre for the first time and thinking it was magical...

It was as if the barre transformed one to be taller, more confident, & graceful. But even more than these, stronger.  

There was an elegance about it that I couldn't quite peel my eyes away from. Seeing such controlled motion through both small and large movements, I was amazed at the results.  

Other styles of fitness made me tired and sore to the point of not being able to maintain a regular workout.  However with barre, I could consistently return day after day.  I found my muse. The workout that best fit me.  

I don't think I knew as a child that this style of fitness could stick with me through the longevity of my life... however it has. It continues to assist in helping me maintain every bit of strength I have. 

Now through Bionic Body's Soul Studio, I am privileged to share this passion with my clients every week.  Together we will learn how to walk a little taller, stand with a more confident posture, and all around feel stronger. 

Remember, anyone and everyone, no matter if you are a dancer or not... has a place at the barre :) 

Come to barre and experience the magic. 


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