Is water a magic pill for weight loss?

Water makes up approximately 70% of the human body, this calorie free liquid helps all body functions to run smoothly. Just like oil to a car, water allows every cell and organ in the body to run efficiently along with several added benefits such as; regulating core temperature, removing waste and reducing inflammation.
Drinking water is one of the best ways to control appetite and prompts healthy digestion. More often times than not, your body is actually thirsty instead of hungry but you end up destroying the kitchen while your body attempts to signal you to drink water. Thirst comes on as a last resort and you are usual dehydrated by that point. So next time you are searching for something to munch on, challenge yourself by drinking a glass of water to help fill your craving sensations. This same glass of water will help promote a healthy digestive track and keep you regular.
Added bonus, hydration helps to perpetuate a healthy metabolism and encourages weight loss. A boost in metabolism is always a plus! Substituting high calorie drinks for water will help promote healthy weight loss by cutting out the un-essential calories and sugars while keeping your blood sugars even so you don't crave sugary carbs. Drinking water over eating extra meals will also cause your you to feel fuller longer, without the guilt. Bottom line...Water ROCKS when it comes to a healthy body! 

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