Soulful Sunday with Heather Glovack

Your weekly Affirmation and Action to soothe and strengthen your soul

Action: Add apple cider vinegar to 16oz of water before each meal.

I know what you're thinking.. but you need to give this a try! There are countless benefits drinking ACV: PH balancer, stimulates the cardiovascular system, detoxifies the liver, breaks up mucus and helps cleanse the lymph nodes, helps reduce effects of allergies, helps fight off sinus infections, reduces heartburn, and aids in weight loss. These are just a handful of the many amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar. You can also great creative- mix up a yummy salad dressing, add to your favorite veggies, etc.


No matter how happy or serene we may be, there are always those family members, co-workers, or friends that can get under our skin. Rather than allow these people shake up your world, it's important to understand that they are your greatest assignments for spiritual growth. Under any uncomfortable or frustrating event you may be presented with, take a few deep breaths and repeat: peace begins with me. Relationships are assignments for optimal growth and healing. Peace begins with you.


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