Kick Your Sugar Habit- 5 Simple Steps

bust your sugar habit

Sugar is an absolute nightmare in nutrition plan! Here are five simple steps to help you break your sugar habit.

1. Identify the addiction and cravings. In order to break a cycle you have to be aware of it! If you start your day with a sugary coffee drink, breads, or cereal with more then 10 grams of sugar then there is a strong possibility you continue the pattern the rest of the day!
2. Eliminate your sugar craving is to eat a breakfast that contains protein and Fiber. Sugary cereals, panCAKES, muffins, bagels, etc send your blood sugar through the roof and then crashing back down causing you to crave more sugar. Starting your day off with a good balanced breakfast will make a huge difference. I start every day with a Fuel Shake ( , a piece of fruit or sprouted grain toast. Fuel has 30 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. It’s a perfect way to start the day.
3. Find hidden sugars in sauces, nut butters, and just about everything else. There are healthy brands that don't add unnecessary ingredients, find them! Pay special attention to “low fat” foods. When food chemists take the fat out they have to satisfy your palate with something else addicting which is usually sugar. Watch for words that end in ose, tol, syrup, and juice.
4. Find a healthy alternative. A little bit of sweetness is OK, it’s not all bad. Our goal is to have it because it’s a treat not an addition. My favorite healthy sweetener is It tastes amazing and is 100% trainer approved! Honestly, this is the only sweetener I use.
5. Replace your sweet tooth with a spice such as cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, ginger, cloves, or other “comfort” spices. Your body is looking for something unique, give it a new flavor and you’ll be satisfied.


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