Soulful Sunday 12-7

Soulful Sunday 12-7

Add more VEGGIES to your diet! We all know vegetables are good for us- Here are three reasons why I want you to eat more.

1) Nutrient Density- There have been numerous studies that show that these nutrient dense goodies can reduce the risk of death, reduce oxidative damage and inflammation, and will allow us to function better. These are known as phytonutrients (Plant Nutrient)- All of the antioxidants, which actually we know are pro-oxidants that stimulate our own body’s natural antioxidant defense systems.

2) Veggies are both high in water and fiber content- they are low on the calorie-density scale. You can fuel up without putting on the weight, and feel satisfied!

3) One of the most important reasons to eat vegetables is the microbiota-accessible carbohydrates it contains. These are all of the carbohydrates in foods that are accessible to the gut flora, and able to be fermented and converted into energy by those bacteria and other organisms. These Carbohydrates are crucial in feeding our good bacteria, which, in turn plays an important roll in good health.


Create a healthy relationship with food and express a moment of gratitude before each meal. Try repeating this to yourself or out loud before each meal:

I love my food, and my food loves me.

Have a beautiful week,


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