Member Spotlight: Amanda Yearta

Today in our member spotlight, we are featuring Amanda Yearta, who has been working out at Bionic Body since it opened!

Amanda was born in Anaheim but raised in nearby Torrance, and was fairly active most her life with dance and cheer. It was around her senior year when she dropped those activities, that she began to put on weight. Like most young adults, she didn't think much of changing her eating habits, which included things like Taco Bell, so her weight reached an all time high of 188 pounds. 

Finally, after trying every diet out there, she finally got serious, partly due to being in her brother's wedding in October 2014. She started by eating more of a plant-based diet, but when it came to working out, she was having trouble finding something she enjoyed. 
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Earlier this past year her friend Danielle (who also happens to be Madison, the director of Bionic Body's wife) told her about Bionic Body, and made her come with her to check it out, which she ended up really liking: 

"From the first moment I took my very first class I was hooked, and it felt like home. I’ve never felt that way about a gym in my life, because it doesn't feel like a gym. It feels like a family, which is weird to say but it's true."

What are some of your favorite classes?

My favorite class (and I wish I could take every single class offered) is Bionic Barre. I’ve been a dancer my entire life. Not a very flexible one, but tell me to turn and I won’t stop. It’s very hard to find an adult ballet class that works with my schedule. Also, it helps with my posture and I feel taller after every class, and a little bit more flexible. I love all the other classes too, but Bionic Barre has a special place in my heart.

What do you find the most challenging about staying healthy and fit? 

The most challenging thing for me is sugar and soda. I used to drink only soda everyday because I hated the taste of water. I used to only drink herbal tea and flavored water, but I can now drink plain water and be fine with just that, which is a miracle.

Sugar is my worst enemy. I went to culinary school for Baking & Pastry, so my sugar addiction runs deep, but I now limit what I have. If I’m really craving chocolate I will have one super dark chocolate piece or a black bean brownie, which is my favorite. I also will have a piece of fruit to calm my cravings so I don’t grab a Reese's or something more processed.

What is your least favorite exercise?

Burpees, frog jumps, and inch worms. It's just because I'm not the best at them, but know I will get better sooner or later!
Are there any particular health and fitness goals you would like to accomplish? 

I would love to lose at least 15 to 20 more pounds and then maintain. Also, to become more flexible and hopefully be able to do the splits.

In what ways have you transformed since working out at Bionic Body? 

I have already lost 40 pounds from February to October, and have maintained through the holidays.

Who do you most admire? 

The person I most admire is my friend Danielle, because she is always there for me and pushes me to be my best. Without her I wouldn't be the person I am today. She is amazing, smart, compassionate, and always willing to help others. Without her I wouldn’t have that accountability and be at the weight I am today.

Do you have any big New Year's Resolutions or goals for 2015? 

I usually try not to make any because I find I can never keep them, but this year I’m going for it. I want to become healthier so I want to eat more vegetables, less processed foods, and drink a lot more water, like 64 ounces per day or more.


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