You CAN'T out train BAD NUTRITION! Shad sets the record straight!

Well fellow Bionic Bodiers, 2014 is over and we are fully entrenched in 2015. As always, this is about the time that everyone starts to question the resolutions that they've made. Right after the holidays nearly every person makes some kind of health goal, generally because we over indulge during the very hectic and family oriented holiday season that spans nearly six weeks. January 1st hits and we are off and running (literally).

Then suddenly, when we hit the fourth week of the month, we take a look in the mirror and notice that nothing has changed. "But I'm working so hard," we say. "I've been in the gym everyday and nothing's happening. I'M OVER THIS!"

Next thing you know, you start working out less, finding excuses to let yourself slide and you're right back where you started, frustrated and discouraged. News flash friends. It's not your workouts, it's your nutrition.

A couple days ago Dara and I were having a discussion about nutrition and she said, "A poor workout can't ruin excellent nutrition, but poor nutrition can ruin the very best workout." This is a brilliant statement and it couldn't be more true. Unfortunately, we just can't fake the benefits of sound eating habits. It's so easy to make deals with ourselves, to say, "Well, I burned 600 calories on the Helix machine and took Shad's annoying Tabata class, I can eat two pieces of pizza and enjoy a beer." Unfortunately, it just doesn't add up. Your body is much smarter than you think it is and it responds to different types of food much in the same way it responds to different types of exercise.

There is only one real way to change your eating habits and that is to change your focus. "Dieting" is a horrible word and let me explain why. Dieting suggests that it is an impermanent solution to an existing problem and these kind of solutions lead to slacking off and making deals with yourself. They rarely work and often times bring excessive discouragement. It's easy to cut yourself a break if you don't give yourself guidelines. Your focus and attention to details are what change the game.

This is probably about the time that you're saying to yourself, "What the hell do you know about it, Shad? You've been skinny your whole life, its easy for you." Look, I don't pretend that I'm a big guy by any means, but I work my tail off. Especially outside of the gym. I rarely drink alcohol, I avoid whole grains, I never eat trans fat and I have been 86ing dairy and sugar for the last three years. Mean while, I focus on my leafy green intake, low glycemic carbs like sweet potato, and I absolutely make sure my protein intake is high and that I get the healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that I need for energy.

Every single trainer I work with at Bionic Body maintains this kind of focus for at least ten to eleven months out of the year. Of course we slip up, we're human. But, imagine for a second if you told yourself that tomorrow you were going to avoid all sugar and processed food for a month. If you're really honest with yourself these are changes that you can live with. Certainly it requires you to think harder, all lifestyle changes do, but it's not taking away everything that you think you depend on all in one swoop. This type of choice is the beginning of true change and permanent commitment to your health.

Good Luck to all of you who are working towards your transformation goals. One week down, seven more to go!


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