Transformation Diaries-Week Two

Week two is now over in the Bionic Body Transformation Challenge (#BBTC15). Most people, whenever they start a new challenge, are pretty gung-ho that first week, and start off with a lot of motivation, but as the second week starts, life…and all its ups and downs starts to creep into the picture. 

So let's find out how some of our week two challengers did! 

Week Two Questions:

1. What are the biggest challenges when it comes to eating healthy and working out?

2. How did your emotions change? 

Patricia L.

A1: The biggest challenge for me was not to have a cheat meal and see my friends over the weekend. I used to have cheat meals with my friends and drink with them over the weekend (2x a week), but in order to get to my goals now, I haven't seen or hung out with my friends since they're all foodies. I have no self control when I'm with friends at restaurants like Father's Office...come, burgers, and fries...kill me. 

A2: I feel more energized and I can feel muscles building up. However, I am feeling quite bloated for some reason. Instead of getting toner, I feel like my body is going through mood swings (fluctuation swings)? Not sure if it's because it's detoxifying, water weight has built up, or my body is not getting used to the program. 

Michelle P.

A1: For me so far it's been the people around me. They're all supportive up to a point, then it's, "damn I wish you were drinking. It's no fun when you won't eat the pizza with me…etc.” Apart from that I'm in a really good mindset. Four weeks sober and more to go. Super Bowl was fun, I was going to really blow out but ended up eating only a handful a chips and felt fairly average after, so had my tea and veggies. 

A2: I feel less tired but some of that is getting used to my work hours changing and female times. Overall I feel stronger and I look better, which makes me feel more dedicated! I'm maybe a little more short tempered at times, but that could be my lack of sleep from work.
Laura C.

A1: In terms of eating healthy, my biggest challenges are trying not to give into my chocolate addiction (I am not lying when I say it is an addiction), as well as eating enough protein everyday. I really enjoy working out and am lucky that I have the time to work out as much as I'd like, so as of right now I do not see any challenges in that category. 

A2: My emotions have already changed drastically since the first week. I started this challenge at a low point. I felt frustrated and disappointed with a lot of things. I sat down with Kim after the first week, and it instantly gave me the boost that I needed. My outlook is a lot more positive, and I really feel like I can accomplish the goals that I have set for myself. I am now a few pounds lighter and feel a lot better…finally seeing and feeling those little changes have motivated me even more to keep going.

Kim N.

A1: The working out part comes easy. I show up, sweat, and go home. The eating healthy part gets hard when I go out to restaurants where everyone is eating bread and pasta around me. Even if it's whole grains, I am trying not to eat it after 3pm. Also, I love dessert, so even when I'm being "bad," it's a couple spoons of dessert instead of the whole thing. The glutton in me twitches with withdrawal. Mind over matter!!!

A2: I feel good, less moody and I feel energized. I've been keeping a food journal. I was sluggish often before the challenge. I realized I wasn't eating enough in general. I added more protein (though still not hitting the goal yet).

Nona B.

A1: Eating out is my biggest challenge, especially on weekends (the only time when I usually eat out (it's mostly social - date night or out with friends). It's hard for me to stay within limits when I'm socially drinking (seems like every time I go out with friends a drink magically appears in my hand without fail. Sometimes more than one drink!). And then I sort of lose my inhibitions and eat things I'm not supposed to, and sort of hate myself the next day. That's my biggest challenge.

Workout-wise? My biggest challenge is sticking to the schedule that I have made and not making any excuses whatsoever to cancel. I'm doing a pretty good job so far, but I've been tempted a few times to choose happy hour over the gym! 

A2: Emotions are great (except for when I'm on edge and stressed after work and NEED a drink, but won't let myself have one). Energy is excellent. Feeling results (feel a bit tighter and more upright, and I think I have better form in some exercises), but not really seeing any major results yet. I'm learning a lot about nutrition, and making much better food choices (for the most part). Not feeling hungry at all throughout the day anymore, which is awesome! I used to starve myself for a good portion of the day to "save my calories" for dinner, but not doing that anymore. 

Jessica V.

A1: I'm not great at planning meals - a lot of the time I'm eating on the run, so I try to keep pre-packaged and healthier foods around the house (gotta love Trader Joe's salads). Unfortunately, during those times when my options are low because I haven't made it to the store yet, it is a lot harder to make the right choices. So I'm focused on making sure I get to the store on a regular basis so I don't end up staring into a carb-heavy abyss of food options by the end of the week.

A2: Week 2 was frustrating for me - my schedule was thrown off by a very mild injury (nothing major, but enough to mess with my workout), work travel and general chaos. I was only able to get in to Bionic three times, and my diet wasn't great while I was traveling. Hoping that weeks 3 and 4 are better - right now I'm feeling pretty sluggish.

Mia C.

A1: Work schedule and business lunches or dinners.  

A2: Learning but tired and eager to see results.  

Tonya S. 

A1: Working out has never been a problem for me. Although I've been coming in the minimum of three days per week at Bionic, I also run, play beach volleyball, and do yoga on alternate days, exercising six days a week with one rest day. Food on the other hand? Not so easy. One problem is I have many competing goals right now. I'm trying to focus on my freelance business, which eats (no pun intended) a lot of my time, so I haven't put all my brain power into this challenge. The second thing is my budget. In a perfect world, I would have endless funds to eat "perfect" (and yes, that even includes dark chocolate and red wine), but with work being slower than usual, I'm resorting to eating whatever is in the fridge and cupboard, and sometimes that means a salad, and a bean burrito, or sometimes just eggs and toast. I'm trying to balance those two things, and in general I don't eat out or eat crap, but sometimes I gotta eat some carbs after 3 if that's all that's left in the house. 

A2:  My emotions haven't changed much. Fortunately working out regulates my mood fairly well. And I don't beat myself up if I have chocolate or a beer or glass of wine in the evening. I limit it to one, and life is too short not to have certain things in moderation (although sometimes I do NOT eat chocolate in moderation).


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