Transformation Diaries-Week Three

Week three of the Bionic Body Transformation Challenge (#BBTC15) has now come to a close, and we are approaching the halfway mark of the challenge. Hard to believe since it feels like we just got started!

Let’s find out how our challengers did this past week.

Week Three Questions:

1. How did week three go?

2. What or who motivates you to eat healthy and keep up with your workouts?  

Stacy P.

A1: This IS my biggest challenge. I have to be honest here to say that I have not yet tackled the eating healthy part. While I do eat tons of healthy foods, I also eat too much junk as well as skip meals sometimes due to being too busy at work. I have all good intentions, from visualizing, and saving great recipes. I attended the meeting and took notes on Kim's nutrition discussion. I bought a new notebook just for health/nutrition journal entries, calendaring workouts, and as a food diary. I printed out food logs.

But I haven't taken that next step. There's always some "excuse" like I'm too stressed at work, I've caught a cold, I'm busy with carpooling or attending my son's activities, I received some bad news..or I'll start on Monday, or next week.

I know I need to make it a priority - to set aside time to plan out meal and snack menus, stock up and prepare. I need to get up a little earlier so I can pack up my lunch and snacks for the day since I leave early in the morning and often don't get home until evening. This will eliminate the temptation to grab something unhealthy, or skip a meal.

I'm proud of myself for making the commitment to schedule classes to work out. I've been averaging 4-5 days a week since The Challenge started. Now I need to begin the other component of this challenge - eating healthy. I think I'll start on Monday (just kidding). ;) 

Laura C.

A1: Week 3 has gone a lot better than the last two. I am trying my best to eat more throughout the day, and I have noticed that I am feeling so much better. I have a lot more energy, and I feel a lot happier.

A2: My biggest motivation to eat healthy and be active is my fiancé. He dedicates his life to eating healthy and staying in his best shape possible, and he is so motivated and determined to be his healthiest self. Being around someone like that has been really helpful (especially because he introduced me to living a healthier lifestyle in the first place!). I also find that I am my own motivation- up until about 2 years ago, I was overweight and very self conscious, and I have no desire to be that person again.  

Patricia L.

A1: I was actually seeing results yesterday, but sadly, after an intense workout with Kim, my knees had broken down. I think I tore my meniscus, but I am going to get it checked up after monitoring it over the weekend. Hopefully, it's just feeling sore, so I can get back to my daily workouts and beat the competition! (I will feel devastated if I'm limited after seeing a doctor though).

A2: No one other than Dara. She's my trainer and I'm so happy with the advice she has given me. Also, my current stress is driving me to do even better for myself. 

Jessica V.

A1: Week 3 was a little discouraging at first - I wasn't able to get to my regular Monday workout because of a sick child, and Wednesday's workout was kind of meh. I had trouble with balance and post-cardio recovery, and left feeling a little down. But I was able to shake it off on Friday and Saturday, and feel like I'm back on track with the workouts. I'm still trying to eat as cleanly as possible - even in the midst of Girl Scout cookie time! 

A2: My husband and I try to motivate each other as much as possible, especially when it comes to carving out times for our workouts. We belong to different gyms, and usually get our workouts in during the week, but we also try to make sure we are able to tag-team the kids if one or both of us wants to get a weekend session or two in. 

As far as my diet goes, Bionic trainer Dan keeps me motivated and accountable. He always checks in with me to see how I'm eating, is supportive when I'm making good choices, and is ready with the stink-eye when I've fallen off the wagon into a pile of Thin Mints. :-)

Nona B.

A1: Not too bad. I've taken Kim's dietary suggestions into consideration. Trying my best to adhere to the plan, but it's hard breaking old habits. Still struggling with limiting the alcohol. This week I took my first yoga class in many years. I was terrible at it, but feels great because I never stretch enough.

A2: My boyfriend motivates me to keep up with workouts and eat healthy. He's noticing some little minor (good!) changes in my body, so his words are very encouraging and it keeps me on a straight path. 

Cecilia R.

A1: I'm loving working out almost every day. I'm not doing much traveling during this challenge and am thankful for that because it's hard enough to do this while home, I couldn't imagine adding travel to it. I find that pre-planning my meals is key! And, having the same breakfast everyday has been great because I don't have to think about what I'm going to have, or make, etc.

A2: Two people! First one is Me!!!! And second one is my friend and co-worker Maribel Soto (who is also doing this challenge w/me)! Maribel and I sit next to each other at work and are constantly checking in with each other to see what we have brought for breakfast/lunch/snacks. We keep each other accountable when people bring in donuts/bagels/candy/etc. We also take a walk to the water cooler about every hour, this keeps us hydrated and gives us a little time up from our desks - most of the time we talk about our workouts (past and upcoming) at Bionic Body!

Carol S.  

A1: I actually did travel week 3 and I was worried about it. I was going to Big Bear to volunteer coach my snowshoeing athletes with disabilities for their annual competition. I was really worried about the food because we stay in a dorm and the food is cafeteria/dorm food. After a quick conversation with Kim, my anxiety went away and I went home to prepare 2 1/2 days worth of food. It worked great and I stayed on track.

A2: When my dad died in 2012 from cancer, it gave me a reality check. He was not anywhere close to a healthy eater so it made me think, if I eat clean and healthy that has to help reduce the possibility of getting cancer to some degree. So he has been my biggest motivator to getting healthy and staying healthy. Keeping up with the workouts has been easy because I love coming to Bionic, and every staff member is fantastic. I truly look forward to working out and thrive when I'm pushed/challenged! I would probably have slower body improvement results if I was going to one of those chain gyms, figuring out all of this on my own.


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