Transformation Diaries-Weeks Four & Five

I think it goes without saying that time is flying by when it comes to the Bionic Body Transformation Challenge. I swear it feels like yesterday that we had our kickoff meeting, but now there are only a couple more weeks left! This is where it all counts, but I'm sure for many, myself included, there have been more than a few hurdles to leap over to stay on track. 

Let's find out how some of our challengers did during weeks four and five. 

Weeks Four & Five Questions:

1. What changes have you noticed,  physically and mentally ? 

2. What are you going to do to take it up a notch weeks 6-8 to finish strong?

Kim N.

A1: Physically, I feel stronger. I'm far from a six-pack but there's less belly to pinch! Mentally, I feel less moody. 

A2: Well, like Kim, I'm home with a sinus infection that set me back week 5 with not working out. Though I've been stretching and doing some yoga at home. So, in addition to Bionic Body classes, I will continue to work out when I find myself watching TV or just sitting around. Plus, somehow I have to eat more protein in the last weeks!

Patricia L.

A1: I noticed that I am happier than I ever was about myself. I started to build up my confidence in my ability since I saw drastic changes in my BMI %, and I felt like I could achieve anything, and I think from that, I was blessed to get a job!!! However, I am a little sad since I can't work out as much as I could, but I think if it wasn't for Bionic, Dara, this challenge, and many instructors who gave me the positive reinforcement, I would have been sitting at home feeling depressed and sorry for myself, and jobless. 

A2: Just keep maintaining that positive attitude towards my own personal goal. It doesn't mean I don't want to win, but I don't want to stress about "beating others" who probably already have a six-pack. I want to "beat" the old, un-confident, and depressed, Patricia. Be the best and healthiest person I can be.

Peggy V.

A1: Even though I'm at the beginning of my health journey, I've learned a life lesson: Being unhealthy and not working out (AKA feeling gross) takes a lot more effort mentally and physically than eating healthy and working out. I feel stronger, both physically and mentally. Before this challenge, the trainer would say, “give me 10,” and I would give 10. Now, I push 10 not to just meet what was expected of me, but to challenge myself for me.

A2: I have allowed myself a flexible food weekend. I’m going to push that to only one day and no wine on weekdays! I’m also starting a food diary today.

Carol S.

A1: The changes I have noticed are mostly mental.  In moments of stress and frustration in the past, I would stress eat or say to myself, "who cares," and then eat a bunch of crap.  These 5 weeks of the Bionic Transformation Challenge has included real life happening around it (unfortunately challenging situations didn't get put on hold for 8 weeks).  And every "moment" that has greeted me, I have not turned to my old ways.  It has shown me that my hard work, changing habits, and consistency is genuine and working!  Also, in some of those real world moments that I have not stayed with my meal plan, I have made those choices free and clear.  What I mean is, I didn't just say, "oh screw it," and then mentally beat myself up with guilt for making that choice later.  I decided to give myself permission that it was okay to eat the "treat food," which was freeing to do.  

Physically, I know I have more muscle definition, but I'm seeing it more since my start with Bionic Body, not the start of the challenge.  I obviously see my body every day, so I don't see the effects of 5 weeks of hard Bionic work.  I'm looking forward to seeing the before and after photos! 

A2: I'm going to focus even more in classes.  I'm not going to let being tired, busy, etc., drag me down during class and not give my best effort.  I'm going to double up some of the days, but also remember to give myself recovery time.  I'm going to buckle down on my eating and finish strong and clean. 


A1: I had to take a 2 week pause due to the passing of my Mother. During that time, although I wasn't working out, I was able to maintain progress. My body must have built enough muscles in the prior weeks to stay on track. I have dropped 5lbs since the start of the competition, and classes have been a positive stress reducer and a great way to escape.

A2: I plan on challenging myself more in each class, completing each set/rep even if I may be tired. Funny how I thought classes would get easier the stronger I got, but I continue to push harder and harder, and am so proud I am sticking to it.

Celeste N.

A1: I have notice that I have more definition in my muscles, and I feel more alert!

A2: Cut down on carbs, make sure not to eat last meal too late.


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