Member Spotlight: Carol Schreiner

In today's member spotlight we are featuring Carol Schreiner. Carol was born and raised in California, and played sports all her life (flag football, beach volleyball, softball). She even tried out for the Olympic team for softball.

Carol said she never had problems with her weight until she was in her 30's, and although she never had much weight to lose, she struggled with the feeling of being, "well insulated." It wasn't until her co-worker urged her to see a doctor that she discovered her thyroid was underperforming (hypothyroid), and once on medication, finally started buckling down to change some of her not-so-great eating habits.

Since starting her body transformation just over two years ago, she is eating less processed and more organic food, but says one of the biggest things she needs to improve is her mental work. "I had taught myself for 10 years while my thyroid (unknown to me) was declining, that I couldn't stick with a healthy eating plan, lose weight, live without dessert or french fries, feel I'm not strong enough to be consistent, and that I'll always have just a little bit too much fat around my hips and tummy. I quickly learned the mental part was the key to unlocking my healthy freedom. Without breaking those negative thoughts, I'm pretty sure I would have fallen right back into my old habits of self sabotage."

What brought you to Bionic Body?

Thankfully best thing I have purchased through that website. I found it right at the start of my summer in 2014, so I was able to try every single class and attend any time of day. I fell in love with the design of the gym, the business model, the staff, and how hard I had to push myself during each I signed up to be a member at the end of the summer.

P1040982_copyWhat are some of your favorite things about working out at Bionic Body? 

I love the variety of classes. My favorite is not a particular class, but being able to pick the instructor and style of class that fits the mood I am in for that day. I really like the circuit classes. I can push myself to do one more rep than I did in the last rotation at each station. The track system allows for so many fun and hard movements. I don't think I would have checked out a Barre gym during this transformation process (I'm not a dancer and it's not a type of class that peaked my interest). But since it was part of Bionic I gave it a go. I love it because it is ridiculously difficult and completely different to the other classes. Barre is hard and makes me soar, but is graceful, which is a cool combination.

Are there any particular health and fitness goals you would like to accomplish? 

My new goal is to get more definition to show in my abs.

In what ways have you transformed since working out at Bionic Body?

I came to Bionic Body after losing my initial 27 pounds. When I joined Bionic, I started to get stronger and get more muscle definition. I came to Bionic being able to complete 3 unassisted pull-ups, and now I can do 7! It is empowering to do things, like the pull-ups, that I thought was just not possible. I started to see definition in my upper abs, which I think is so sexy on a human body! I also have less "chunk" on my hips so that everything fits and looks so much better on me!  Although I started losing weight before I found Bionic Body, it's hard to draw a line of what part of my body transformation happened where. I see my change as a progression of many steps, of which Bionic is a very big part. I have gone from a size 13/14 to a size 4!!!  That is a powerful and motivating result of consistent hard work. I just bought my first pair of size 4 jeans last week...wooohoooo!!!

If you could only eat one type of meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Before my body transformation began, my answer would have been breakfast. But now that I know the breakfast food I like is nothing but sugar and bread, I would say seafood with a kick-ass veggie would be something I can easily eat day after day, especially if it was prepared for me!


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