Essential Vitamins and Minerals

The human body relies on vitamins and minerals in order to function properly and too heal and repair itself. It is important turn to your food for the essential vitamins and minerals before you turn to supplementation. Your body absorbs vitamins and minerals in their raw form better than when they are processed and condensed.

Here are 10 essential minerals and vitamins that everyone should include in their diet.

Vitamin A: This vitamin slows skin aging, is an antioxidants that boost the immune system, and encourages healthy teeth and vision. Vitamin A can be found in carrots, melon and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin B’s: Helps to keep the mind sharp and absorb the mineral iron. Natural sources of the B vitamins include, bananas, chili pepper, molasses and whole grains.

Vitamin C: Help fight off wrinkles and improve your skins elasticity but consume vitamin C. This vitamin also strengthens your eye sight and immune system. The most commonly know source for vitamins C is oranges, however this vitamin can also be found in grapefruit, kiwi, brussels sprouts and green peppers.

Vitamin D: This vitamin helps to build and maintain strong bones. Soaking up a few rays each day can help you meet your recommended amount however; if sun is not an option try eating eggs, mushrooms and fish.

Vitamin E: Consider this vitamin a your superhero. Vitamin E fights free radicals that are produced from the external world and keeps you young and health, not to mention they help with blood circulation. Can be found is sunflower seeds, almonds, avocado, seaweed, and plant based oils.

Vitamin K: This vitamin helps blood coagulation and overall wound healthy. Kale, spinach and brussels sprouts contain the highest natural for of vitamin K, so make such to always include dark leafy greens into your diet.

Folic Acid
This mineral helps cell re-generation, combats birth defects and studies even show that folate can reduce high blood pressure. This essential mineral can be found in most dark leafy greens as well as lentils, seeds and nuts. Asparagus and broccoli are also great sources for folic acid.

Protect your fertility and immune system but including the recommended amount of zinc in your diet. This vitamin is found in can be found in seafood, lamb, beef, cocoa and chocolate, cashews, and squash seeds, Such as pumpkin)

The mineral iron helps to keep your blood healthy as well as promotes muscle development. Iron can be found in broccoli, clams, spinach and pumpkins seeds.

The notorious strength mineral, calcium helps build healthy bones and teeth. Calcium can naturally be found in dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt. Tofu has also been marked high in this essential vitamin, so vegans fear not there you still have sources of calcium.


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