What are you made of?

The InBody is the most advanced body composition analysis product on the market today. The InBody is fast, accurate and noninvasive, taking as little as 45 seconds to perform the test you can learn your body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, segmental muscle balance, water distribution, body composition history, and more. 

How does it work?
The process goes a little like this...
First thing in the morning take off your shoes, wipe down your feet, and step on to the machine. The machine will prompt you to grab ahold of the thumb handles and hold still for about 15 seconds while it send (totally safe) electrical impulses throughout your body.The impulses measure all five cylinders of the body: the four limbs and the trunk.

Why do I need to know my body composition?

Understanding your weight. When we measure our weight, what are we actually seeing? Standing on a scale and seeing a number pop on the screen is a poor indicator of good health because it does not distinguish fat from lean mass. The in body test divides the weight into water, muscle and fat so you can understand exactly what that weight means. 

Set your goals based on your body composition. measuring our percent body fat allows us to better gauge our health. getting to see our actually percentage of body fat can give us a wake up call, and motivate us to push ourselves to work harder to achieve our goals and bring that percentage down!

Track your progress! Knowing how much fat you have is only the beginning. with your baseline set, continuously taking the InBody test allows you to monitor and track the changes in your body. finally know whether that new diet or work out is actually working or not!

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