8 Reasons to Eat Your Greens

Here are 8 reasons to get your greens along with a powerful trick to help you get the most nutrients from your veggies.  

1.    Greens help Neutralize Acidity in the Body

Weight gain, joint pain, mood swings are just a few symptoms that can be traced back to high acidity and inflammation.  Greens are extremely high in alkalinizing minerals that instantly neutralize the body.

2.    Increased Energy

Your blood flow increases as the excess acidity is neutralized and the amount of oxygen that is flowing also increases. The more oxygen your have the more your body can produce ATP energy right in its own cells.

3.    Greens will help you lose weight

Greens have very little calories and pack a ton of nutrients. They contain a high fiber and water content to help you stay full for longer.

4.    They help balance your Blood Sugar

Excess acid in the body means that the stress producing hormone cortisol will increase. Cortisol causes your blood sugar levels to go nuts. This will effect your energy levels and your ability to control your appetite. The fiber in the greens plus their ability to neutralize the acidity in the body decreases cortisol and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

5.    They increase your Immune System

There’s a lot to say about the immune building effect of greens.

 Studies show a specific gene that is responsible for your immune system in your gut, is activated by consuming greens, protecting your body from any bad bacteria that may be present.

They also help the body produce a hormone (IL-22) that is responsible for killing pathogenic bacteria and even healing cancerous legions.

6.    They contain a Ton of Antioxidants

Antioxidants reduce the free radical load on the body, which is linked to ageing and cancer. Even the Journal of the American College of Nutrition is letting people know that leafy greens are reducing cancer rates.

7.    They are Extremely HIGH in Vitamins and Minerals

They contain 4-5 times more Vitamin C than citrus fruit, they are rich in magnesium, calcium, and potassium as well as folate (the absorbable form of folic acid), b-vitamins essential for energy production, and beta-carotene to name a few.

8.    Greens naturally Detox the Body

The liver is easily over-burdened with environmental chemicals like pollution and contaminated body products, as well as chemicals in our foods like preservatives, bad oils and sugar.

Greens contain betaine which is a liver detoxifying nutrient helping your body completely rid itself of these harmful compounds.

Now here’s something fascinating!

The nutrients in veggies are better absorbed with a little fat. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition unveiled that participants who added olive oil to their salads and veggie dishes absorbed far greater amounts of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

Olive oil is best because it is rich in monounsaturated fats, which is the exact type of fat that has been shown to increase veggie nutrient absorption. So don’t feel guilty topping your salad off with an olive oil based salad dressing!








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