Intern & Trainer Spotlight: Mike Farrell

You've probably noticed a couple new faces around Bionic Body lately. One of those new faces is intern and trainer, Mike Farrell.

One of the first things I noticed about Mike when I first met him, was how outgoing and genuine he is, and he is very enthusiastic to get to know you. He has a charismatic quality that will serve him very well as a trainer!

Mike attended Colorado State University and got his degree in Health and Exercise Science. He's also a native of Pueblo, CO, which is in the southern part of the state.

Active all of his life, Mike participated in teams sports ranging from football, to roller hockey, to baseball, as well as participating in outdoor activities like dirt bike racing.
1344His activities came to a halt, however, his freshman year in high school when he underwent a major spinal fusion surgery. This led to taking a weight lifting class his sophomore year to strengthen his body and spine, which is where his fitness journey really began.

With the influence of his mom (who was working for a naturopathic doctor and was interested in nutrition and holistic health), Mike never went back to team sports, and instead put his focus into weight training, dirt bike racing, cliff diving, and of course, nutrition.

What made you want to become a personal trainer?

I decided to become a personal trainer and work in the fitness industry because aside from it being my passion and lifestyle, I noticed a lot of people coming to me in and out of the gym to ask for advice or tips or to ask for help with exercises.  In a class for college, we participated in a program that was essentially like working in a gym but was geared towards an elderly population and this is where I discovered I really enjoyed teaching group fitness classes and working with clients 1-on-1!  Basically, I want to help people help themselves become better people! If I could start and stick to this lifestyle at 16 years old with a problematic spine, anyone has the possibility to improve themselves, as long as they are willing to work for it!

How do you stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise?

Staying motivated to eat healthy, exercise, and live actively requires no motivation! For me, it truly is a lifestyle. I get upset when I cannot work out or have to sit inside for an entire day. Also, I get more upset when I don’t have healthy food to eat!  I am human and do have a few cheat foods I enjoy: homemade cookies and brownies, ice cream, hamburgers, and peanut butter/almond butter are my treats!

What are your thoughts on living in California so far?

So far California is amazing! I get to see the beach and ocean daily, and the ocean sunsets rival the Rocky Mountain sunsets back home. The people in the South Bay area are awesome, and the weather is perfect! Considering Colorado, and the rest of the country is having an intense winter, I feel very blessed to get to spend this time in California!

Tell me three random facts about yourself?

My birthday is on Halloween!
I love skydiving (I’ve been 3 times and cannot wait to get more into it).
I absolutely hate being cold (ironic since I am from Colorado and do love snowboarding)!
What elements make up your perfect day?

IMG_20150723_005234What elements make up your perfect day?

Coffee, Workout, Hike (or some other outdoor activity), Study or Read, Eat, Sleep, Repeat!

Who do you most admire?

I admire my family the most! I have a really small family so I am very close with them. They are my inspiration and motivation to be the best possible person I can be!  My sister is probably the one I admire the most.  She is not only my sister, but one of my best friends! She is incredibly intelligent, beautiful, and hard-working.  I think we share the same genes in that sense!

What do you miss about living in Colorado? 

The mountains! Not the snow on the mountains though! However, the ocean makes up for the lack of elevation!

Be sure to say hi to Mike the next time you're at the gym, and sign up for one of his classes!


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