Add nutrients to your water!


Ever get bored with the taste of plain water? Try adding some of these natural ingredients to your water bottle for a little extra flavoring. Not only will these combinations be refreshing and filling but they will also provide you with several essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Strawberries and mint leaves
Strawberries also known as an anti-aging fruit, they provides the body with several essential vitamins and minerals that help fight off carcinogens. By adding a couple mint leaves to the mix, you can speed up your weight loss process or just sooth an irritated stomach.

Squeeze of lemon
This citric fruit not only helps to flush toxins from the blood, but also contains pectin fiber. Pectin is a strong antibacterial which aids in healthy digestion.

Infused fruits
Melons, peaches, kiwi and berries are all great fruits to perk up your daily water. Citrus fruits can help cure bloating and jump start your metabolism, while berries can combat cancers with their antioxidants properties.

Cucumber and Basil
Cucumber aid in weight loss and naturally cleanse the body of toxins. Basil is high in vitamin K which is critical for cardiovascular health.

Mint and Chia Seeds
This combination is fresh and filling. Chia seeds originate from a plant in the mint family. They provide 10% of your daily protein, are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and not to mention a single serving is equivalent to 11 grams of fiber. This little power seed expands in water which allows you to feel fuller longer while providing your body with several essential vitamins and minerals.

Jump on the Açaí train and reach your fitness goals a little quicker, this Portuguese palm berry has several health benefits. Just to name a few, Açaí promotes healthier skin, has anti-aging properties, is an energy booster, can help fight cancer and aid in weight lose.


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