Amy started her dance training at the age of 3 from Canipe School of Dance in North Carolina, where she studied, competed, and performed ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and acrobatics. As a sophomore in High School, she founded her school's first dance team where she acted as choreographer, coach, and captain. She continued her dance training throughout college from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte broadening her studies to include contemporary and hip hop. In 2009 she moved to Southern California to continue her pursuit of dance. After instructing hundreds of students over the course of 6 years, Amy joined the team at Bionic Body in Hermosa Beach by designing a barre class utilizing their unique resistance bands. It was through this class she made the connection between how quickly one could build strength and flexibility with dance training. She recently designed a dance program which would incorporate the importance of all production elements with core strength, flexibility, and technique through these fun genre specific barre & dance classes called, CREATE.

"CREATE The Company, is a way for me to give my dance students an outlet to express themselves through designing their own choreography, costuming, makeup, stage elements, etc. They will choose songs whose lyrics are relatable to things they are dealing with in their own lives, learn how to translate those lyrics through dance, and present a memorable performance at the end of every season." - Amy Ruth

"CREATE Dance Classes are to strengthen my students skill level through learning dance elements along side of utilizing the resistance bands at Bionic Body. Dancers will progress at a quicker pace, by gaining core strength & flexibility, which will eventually make their performance levels flawless." -Amy Ruth