We love and appreciate your referrals and want to reward you in a big way! We rely on your word of mouth to grow our business and since it's more fun to sweat with friends our "Three and Free" rewards program is a win/win. 


It’s simple! You refer your friends and when THREE become members, your membership is FREE as long as they stay members.

Sound to easy? We’re going to make it even easier for you to keep track of your referrals with these referral cards. You can pick up as many as many as you want at the front desk. Just fill in your name and tell your referrals to bring them in when they come.

No card, No problem! Just be sure to have your friend mention that you referred them on their FIRST visit. We will also have a referral sheet at the front desk.

Want a custom class for your friends and coworkers? You got it. All you’ll need is a group of 10 friends*, family, and co-works and we’ll do a special class just for your group. It’s a perfect office party! Just contact Madison@BionicBody.com to schedule your private class. 
*Must have 10 or a $50 class charge will apply.


1. What happens if one of my referrals cancels their membership?

All three referrals must have active memberships for you to receive your free membership. As soon as you refer another member, your free membership will reactivate.

2. What if one of my referrals gets a busy membership?

You will also receive a busy membership for free. All three referrals must be “unlimited” memberships for you to receive a free unlimited memberships.

3. What if I already referred members?

This is a new promotion and will only apply to referral’s with clients that sign up after Jan 1st, 2016