Mike Farrell
Intern/Colorado State University

Mike was inspired to learn more about health and fitness after having undergone a major spinal surgery, during his high school years, that left his body in need of proper conditioning. 

He has joined us for his 600 hour internship at Bionic Body in order to complete his Bachelor’s of science degree in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University! He enjoys all facets of fitness ranging from yoga to Olympic lifting and believes balancing a variety of different training styles is key to progression. 

In his free time he enjoys remaining active hiking the Colorado Rocky Mountains, rock climbing, playing disc golf and ultimate frisbee, cycling, fly-fishing, hunting, camping, and cooking.   While in California he aims to see the beach and ocean everyday!
“I want to help others and myself, through fitness, be better today than we were yesterday while aiming to be better tomorrow than we were today!”