Danielle Doubroff


Born and raised in the South Bay Danielle was active growing up. From the age 6 to 18 she played soccer (with a few years of soft ball mixed in). But once she stopped playing sports, she was at a loss on how to continue to stay active.

Her first job was at a large gym, but not having an understanding of strength training and where to start it never really caught her attention as a way to replace playing sports. That is until her husband started working as a personal trainer. He encouraged her to start on a new fitness path, even setting her up with her own personal trainer. Being surrounded by the fitness world at work and at home she started to feel that it was her path to follow. Having to learn a new way to stay healthy and fit, she made incremental changes to her daily routine to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

With her strive and motivation to be better each day, she wants to help others on their journey by developing realistic goals and obtaining positive and healthy life long habits. Her philosophy is the best years aren’t behind you, but ahead of you.