Bionic Body Classes

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Signature Bionic Body

Our signature Bionic Body class has you covered from head to toe. You’ll get a full body workout with cardio and core. You’ll work all the major muscle groups on our signature Bionic Body Track and our functional training equipment to get your heart pumping and burn body fat. This is the ultimate toning class for all levels, beginner to advanced.

Full Body Workout/ Strength Training/ Cardio/ HIIT/ Weight Loss/ Fat Loss/ Stretching

Strength Circuit

Take a break from our heart pounding circuit  workouts and enjoy this muscle toning circuit. You'll slow down the movement and perform more traditional strength training with a variety of equipment. 
Strength training, Full Body Tone

Bionic Circuit

This class embraces strength training on the Bionic Body Track along with calorie burning cardio moves. Time will fly as you work your way from station to station to complete a series of exercises that are sure to tighten and tone every inch of your body.

Circuit Class/ Calorie burning/ Weight loss/ Full Body Toning/ Cardio

Pure Strength

Want to take a break from all the cardio and just focus on those muscles? Get your pump on in this class as we drop the heart pounding cardio moves and focus on toning and strength training.


Extreme Interval

This is a class designed to push you cardiovascularly, and athletically with short bursts of exercises with minimal break! It is a challenging high intensity interval training class, meant for members that have a good fitness base without injuries!

Core Strength/Circulation/Trigger Points/Myofascial Release

Cardio and Core

This class combines all the essential elements to get dial in your six pack and get heart pumping. We've combine the best of burst training, cardio machines, Plyometric exercises, and core work to increase your endurance and focus on the core. If you are looking for an intense class, this is it! This class is not recommended for beginners!

Abs/Cardio/High Energy/Fat Burning

Lower Body Blast

This class is a total attach on your lower body!  Focus on your Quads, Glutes, and Hamstrings in this leg crushing work out! You will burn mad amounts of calories and fat by using large muscle groups. It you are looking to tighten and tone your hips and perk up your buns this is the class for you. 

Cardio/ Endurance/Tabata/ High Calorie Burn/ Fat Loss/ Toning/ Fast Pace

Bionic Baby and Me

Parents are welcome to work out while wearing their little ones in a ergonomically safe baby carrier (provided by each parent) for a fun group exercise class that provides safe, full body functional exercises in circuit format. This class is larger and then our small group training and perfect for parents that are looking for a workout without the extra perks of the small group training. Classes are 45 minutes long and require a Baby and me class pack!

Parents/Mom/Stretching/Toning/Flexibility/Mind & Body

Bionic Soul Studio

Bionic Flow

Nurture your inner yogi with a zen  flow. This class is designed to sooth your soul while opening up your posture, and relaxing your mind. 

Stretching/ Posture/ Flexibility/ Mental Fitness

Bionic Balance

Balance your body, mind, and soul with this challenging, mind-clearing class. Focus on stretching, inversions, and zen yoga moves in our beautiful Soul Studio. *NOTE- This is a 75 minute class.

Balance/ Stretching/ Inversions/ Flexibility/ Mind and Body 

Bionic Barre

Embracing the beauty of traditional Barre with the benefit of strength and flexibility training using our Bionic Body Track. Improve your posture, tone your entire body, and enhance your flexibility in this low impact modern day barre class.

Barre/ Toning/ Posture/ Flexibility

Bionic Body Flex and tone

Utilize the Bionic Body Track as a modern day Pilates Tower. Our resistance band method mirrors the beautiful discipline of Pilates with its elegant flow and full body toning effects. You’ll love our Bionic twist on traditional Pilates.

Pilates/ Toning/ Stretching/ Flexibility

Bionic Mommy/Strand and Stroller

Take your little ones on a ride as you hit the strand for a great workout. Enjoy the beautiful ocean view while your baby gets some fresh air and you enjoy the company of others as you soak up the vitamin D!
Pre and Postnatal fitness