“Bionic Body is not just a gym; it is a unique
escape that will redefine the way you feel
about working out and living a healthy lifestyle.”

-Kim Lyons


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Body Comp. Analysis
Weight loss
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Cater to your level of fitness

Bionic Body is a revolutionary fitness studio focused on group and personal training, massage, and skin care. Our unique combination of effective  training in an inspiring atmosphere is taking the fitness world by storm.

At Bionic Body you will experience the best instructors and staff, trained to deliver first class services and personal attention that cater to YOUR personal goals and level of fitness. We believe in a holistic approach to fitness that focuses on your mind, body, and soul.

During each Bionic Body workout, YOU WILL engage in resistance training to increase your metabolism, work core muscles to strengthen and tone the mid-section, utilize your own body weight to challenge and improve balance and flexibility and increase your heart rate to burn maximum calories and fat.

Beyond providing a unique workout method, our trainers’ inspirational coaching approach will leave you feeling strong, confident, and Bionic.


Training At Bionic Body

Bionic Body offers a variety of training concepts ranging from hardcore functional training to stretching and yoga like classes. We embrace the best of popular styles such as kettle bells, sandbags, body weight and suspension exercises, traditional strength training, martial arts, bar, Pilates and yoga like stretching classes. We also have unique cardio equipment that works muscles that might be keeping you from achieving your goals. Lookout, our studio is 100% human powered, including the cardio machines!

Along with the common workout favorites, we will introduce you to our signature Bionic Body Track.

The Bionic Body Track is a proprietary wall mount training system that allows you to train in all planes of motion with effortless transitions. Our unique track system works with a variety of resistance bands and attachments to provide a fun and effective workout for a first timer or an avid athlete.

Our elite staff of trainers will lead you through a unique workout that focuses on your goal at your level of fitness. Each workout will provide elements of strength training, cardiovascular training, and stretching. Our group training classes are small and personal allowing the instructor to give you a 1 on 1 feeling. We also offer private and shared sessions.

Our amazing trainers will inspire you to reach your physical, emotional, and spiritual goals one workout at a time!

See the Bionic Body track in motion

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