MONTH ONE: Meet Marie

Marie is 37 and spent her formative years in Essex, MA. Growing up, she was involved with field hockey, basketball, track, and cheerleading. Despite her parents being meat eaters, Marie became a vegetarian in fifth grade. She's been one ever since.

Because she played sports, Marie never worried about her weight until she reached college. Although she played field hockey all four years, the weight started to creep up due to drinking and late night snacking. It was at her college graduation that she realized she was at her heaviest weight and needed to do something about it.

She joined a gym, but spent her 20's fluctuating between gaining and losing weight.

"When I got on the high end, I would restrict my calories by not eating breakfast or lunch and just eating dinner, which wouldn't be much for a few weeks, then I would be back on the low end."

In 2009, Marie switched coasts and moved to Hermosa Beach, CA, where in 2013 she met her fiancé, Andy, at a bar. "It was just a regular Sunday, and I decided to go out with friends to watch the hockey playoffs and try to meet guys. Andy's good friend sat down next to me, and we all started talking. I soon found out Andy is from New York and a Yankees fan, which is the worst thing for someone who is from Boston and a die-hard Red Sox fan. He seemed really nice and was cute so I decided to overlook that fact. We had our first date that week, and he cooked for me at his house. I didn't know this at the time, but he is an amazing cook and is very passionate about it. We moved in together three months later and got engaged in December, just under seven months of meeting each other."

It was her engagement that really sparked Marie's desire to get in great shape, but as a lot of people experience, getting started is the hardest part. "I have been telling myself since I got engaged that I needed to get in shape. Each month I said I was going to start on a plan, and I didn't. The most important thing to me is feeling good about myself, both mind and body, on my wedding day. The wedding will take place on the beach, and the resort has multiple pools and beach activities we can participate in. I know I will have to be in a bathing suit. I really want to be comfortable walking around, whether that's in the pool or playing beach volleyball, and not worried about my stomach or thighs in front of my 100+ friends and family.

While most brides get excited about planning their wedding and trying on dresses, Marie didn't feel good about herself.

"I had a dark cloud over my head when I tried on wedding dresses, which I thought would be a really fun experience, but it was depressing for me because I didn't feel good about myself. I don't want to have that feeling on my wedding day."

Since Marie lives in Hermosa Beach, she would often drive by Bionic Body and saw the construction when the studio was being built. This intrigued her, so when the studio opened she tried the Introductory 2 weeks for $25 Offer, and was hooked. What she loves most is the class variety and convenient class times that fit into her schedule. She can also walk to the gym from her house, so there are no excuses not to go.

Although she loves the gym, there are still many obstacles that she faces in her journey, mainly when it comes to eating. "When I get stressed out at work, I tend not to eat all day, then when I get home I'm starving and eat a lot. I gravitate toward things like ice cream or other unhealthy snacks. Luckily, my fiancé is an amazing cook and has been trying to cook healthier meals for us. He tries to have dinner ready for me when I get home, so I don't have time to pick at other things."

To make things easier, Marie has been drinking Nutrie Skinne shots each morning, which gives her an energy and mood boost, and drinking the Nutrie Fuel protein drink, which keeps her full for hours. She will also begin tracking her calories to reach her ultimate goal of 129 pounds and 25% body fat by her wedding on November 1st.

It's not just her wedding that's keeping Marie motivated. She hopes that doing this six-month transformation will set her up with healthy eating and exercise habits for the rest of her life. "As I have gotten older, I have come to realize how important exercising is to making me feel good. I can already see in a few short weeks that I am happier and able to deal with stress better. I also want to be knowledgeable about what I am putting in my body. It's pretty confusing because there is so much information out there. Hopefully, I will have children one day, and I 100% believe in leading by example.

Follow Marie and her journey of "sweating for the wedding" each month on the Bionic Body Blog!


 MarieKaneMarieAndy Marie & Andy working out with Dara at Bionic Body.

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