Pictured above: Marie and Andy with their recently adopted dog, Jack.


Month 2: Strength and Success

What changes have you notice from month 1 to month 2?

I have a lot more energy and actually enjoy going to work out now. Before, even though I enjoyed the classes, it was still a struggle to get up and go. I have also been getting a lot of compliments from co-workers and friends who have noticed I have lost weight already, so it’s great encouragement for me to know that what I am doing is working. 

What is your typical workout routine like on a weekly basis?

My goal has been to work out four times a week. That usually includes one day of Run Club, which really has been awesome (never thought I would wake up at 6am to run). One day with Dara doing a private training session with my fiancé, then the other two days I go to whatever classes I am in the mood for and fits into my schedule. I usually go to the Saturday Signature Bionic Body class, then either Bionic Circuit or Bionic Kick Fit. I do like to try and go five days, and also add a Bionic Synergy class (see all the class descriptions here).

Pictured left: Marie with the Bionic Body Run Club after a 6am Sand Run.


Have you made any dietary changes from the beginning of your journey until now? If so, how is that going?

I am still starting everyday with a Nutrie Skinne and Nutrie Fuel, which has been great. The Fuel keeps me full until lunch, and the Skinne gives me energy. I have not had to have my morning coffee since I started drinking them. I am keeping a food journal as well, and keeping track of everything I am eating.

What are some obstacles or challenges you have faced so far?

The biggest thing so far is I have been trying really hard to cut out alcohol. I don’t usually drink during the week, but on the weekends I would go out and have drinks with lunch or dinner, and most events I go to, there is some sort of drinking aspect associated with it. I don’t plan on giving up alcohol forever, but getting into really good shape is very important to me right now, and after learning what alcohol does to your body and how it affects you when you are trying to lose weight, I am trying really hard to cut way back on it. 

What are you hoping to accomplish by month 3?

Currently I am down about seven pounds and 3% body fat, which I am very proud of. By August 1st, I would like to be down a total of thirteen pounds, which will be just over half of the total amount of twenty-four pounds I am trying to lose. 

Congratulations on your accomplishments so far, Marie! Everyone at Bionic Body is cheering you on!