What was month two like for you? 

I am still going.  July was a bumpy road, but if it taught me anything, it was that I know I can do anything I set my mind to.

What are some obstacles or challenges you faced this past month? 

This month I have learned how hard it can be to be dieting and exercising when you are not in your normal routine of everyday life.  Since the 4th of July I have been away to Sonoma for a wedding, back East for my grandfather’s funeral, then I had my bridal shower the weekend I came back. There was a two-week span when I was away and not able to stick to the plan. I did well though, and really just focused on making smarter choices, and didn’t indulge like I would have before. 

I know with summer in full swing, there are lots of temptations. How do you stay focused and on track with healthy eating and exercise? 

The old me would go to the BBQ and eat and drink pretty much anything I felt like. If you are trying to lose weight, you have to make smarter choices. I have been having maybe one or two drinks, and picking the thing that I want to eat most instead of nibbling on everything. I don’t feel deprived and I actually feel good when leaving that I was able to make good choices for myself.

Have you changed up your workout routine at all? 

I just tried Pure Cardio this week...what a great workout. I was scared to go to the class at first because I didn’t know if I could make it through a whole cardio class. I am really glad I gave it a shot because the class was great. I certainly wouldn’t make myself do suicide drills on my own.

That is the reason why I love going to Bionic Body so much. It is because a person of every level and ability can pretty much go to any class. The trainers and the other members who work out there support each other, and do not compete with each other.  My coworker, who is in her 50’s, is going now as well. I know this may sound strange, but we are always talking about how much we love going there and how friendly everyone is. I feel like it's a second family. 

How is the wedding planning going? 

We are about to hit the three-month mark, so things are starting to get real. My wedding dress came in, so I am excited to go in for my first fitting. I looked at a picture of myself when I originally purchased the dress, and I am already amazed at how much my body has already changed. It is definitely motivation to keep going.

What tips do you have for someone who might be just starting out on a weight loss/healthy living journey? 

First, you have to figure out your long-term goal, then set small goals to reach along the way. I have been doing this myself: the first was to get below 150, and then the next was to lose 5% of my body weight.

I have heard before that you should set small goals, but I have never done it. I was the kind of person who thought, "I want to lose twenty pounds," then I would go strong for a week or two then fall off the diet, and eventually I would just stop altogether. I really think having these small goals has kept me excited, and feeling good about the progress I am making. 

The other thing is to figure out the real reason why you want to lose weight. I have a big enough reason now that it has kept me motivated to stay on track.

What has changed?

I have gone down two dress sizes, which was a pleasant surprise.  When I went shopping for a dress for my shower, I was able to buy a dress two sizes smaller than usual in a brand I buy dresses in all the time.  Also, I completed my 2nd mini goal of losing 5% of my body weight. I hope to be at my next goal of 139 pounds by the time I head to the East Coast at the middle of August for my bridal shower with my family.

We wish you the best of luck with month four Marie, and can't wait to check in with you then!