Signature Bionic Massage & 007 Gentleman's Facial

Begin with our 90 minute Signature Bionic Massage. This massage will soothe you with Aromatherapy and Hot Stones. This massage promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body, while fragrant oils enhance the benefits of the massage. This is the perfect start for your journey to pure relaxation. 

In addition to your Signature Bionic Massage, you will experience our 007 Gentleman's Facial. It's skincare tailored to fit the man who not only takes care of his body but also his skin. This facial will purify and strengthen the skin. Before a customized enzymatic exfoliate is used to eliminate dead skin cells, a deep pore Clarisonic cleanse and triple action scrub will prep the skin. After drifting away with a Tea Tree and Eucalyptus scalp massage, a complimentary ear and nose trim is provided if needed. Enjoy a therapeutic aromatherapy massage to relieve neck and shoulders tension as a cool aloe gel mask soothes post extractions, in-grown hairs, and razor irritation. Your treatment will finish with ultra hydrating Vitamin C recovery eye gel, Vitamin E lip complex, booster serum and anti aging moisturizer or SPF.