Starts May 15th 

What is the Transformation Series?

This is a one month series of informational videos, interactive PDFs, and emails to give you a deeper foundation to achieve your goals. It’s not just about winning a grand prize (although we will have a ton of fun giveaways).
Instead it’s about knowledge, self growth, awareness, setting goals, and feeling confident.

What Topics will be Covered: 

• Simple time saving meal prep tips
• How to eat carbs to avoid fat storage
• Snack ideas for all times of the day 
• What ingredients to avoid and why
• What foods cause “Metabolic Meltdown”
• What foods to eat for rapid fat loss
• Top 5 supplements for fat loss
• How to heal your hormones
• How to transform your digestive track
• Solve the cellulite issues
• Tips for working out at home and during travel
• The most effective workouts to burn fat
• And more! 

What's Included:

  • A complete 30 day meal plan 

  • Interactive, Printable PDF's

  • Grocery list 

  • Recipes 

  • Printable Meal and Shopping Planner

  • Downloadable meal PDFs that will teach you to make the Perfect Salad, Bionic Bowls, One tray dinners, smoothies and smoothie bowls. These will guide you to make nutrient balanced meals quickly and easily when you don’t want to follow a recipe! 

  • Special discounts on bionic body gear, supplements, and services during the challenge

  • And more!

Cost to purchase the series:

Member $65    Non member content only $95    

Non Member + 1 month unlimited classes $175

Member discount $25 on each non-member referral 


Can I join if I have a class pack? 
If  you pay the member fee you are required to use 12 classes from your account during May 15-June 15th. You may pay the non-member fee with no required weekly visits.  If you pay the nonmember fee you will receive 12 classes to use during the month.  If you want to use more you can use your class packs. All promotional visitors will be required to pay the nonmember fee. 

What if I am out of town during the series?
The content is all delivered via email and the videos will be posted to a private FB group for participants only so you will have access on the road. 

Will there be and Inbody analysis in the beginning and the end, do I have to take before and after pictures? 

Participants will get 50% off of a two pack of Inbody analysis which will include a sit-down apt. with Kim at the end of the series to discuss results and an action plan. You do not have to submit before and after pictures although I highly recommend taking them! 

Will this be time consuming?
There will be a TON of content for you, however, you can look at it in your own time and save it for later. The goal is not to have you master everything in 30 days! I want to give you the tools and knowledge you need to reach your goals. 

Is there a required class commitment to join the series? 

No! In fact you can join just to receive the content. You are paying to receive the content! If you already have purchased a Bionic Body Class Pack you my use that or take advantage of the discounted month of unlimited classes that come with the nonmember price.